September 4, 2021

National reading – 2021

“National Reading” is an action based on mutual reading and discussing polish literature. It is the second time that the members of the “Polish Class” Association took part in such action. This year, Gabriela Zapolska’s play “Moralność Pani Dulskiej” was selected.

July 29, 2021

Literature in Poland at the beginning of the 20th century

Works of art describing the past help us, readers, perceive historical events a bit differently than it is usually presented in textbooks, encyclopedias, or archives. From the literature we can get a lot of information about the life in one country or another at any given time, about historical personalities, …

April 8, 2021

Poland through the eyes of a tourist

This time, at our meeting within the project “And this is Poland…” we talked about Poland: about its secrets, which as a hospitable country Poland willingly reveals to its attentive guests.