“The Polish Class” Сommunity is a Polish organization in Tashkent, offering education, whose main goals are teaching the Polish language to members of the Polish community abroad, primarily – young people; preparing them to study at universities, high schools and technical college in Poland; helping repatriates prepare for their return to historical homeland; spreading the popularity of the Polish language and culture in Uzbekistan. People of other nationalities also participate in lessons and that way we spread knowledge about Poland. Everyone who declares its willingness to learn and get to know the Republic of Poland, takes part in all events organized by Association – free of charge.

“The Polish Class” Сommunity was officially established in 2002. The aim of our organization is the revival, maintenance and development of national traditions and customs, as well as to study the native language, Polish culture and history.

At “The Polish Class” Сommunity we are having discussions about Poland’s culture, history and geography, enjoying literary and musical competitions, thematic quizzes, and also taking part in local historical excursions and trips to nature organized by administration. The most popular theme of discussions that are held at our meetings is the historical interconnection of the Uzbek and Polish people, the beauty and originality of their national traditions. All of the members of “The Polish Class” Сommunity are united by a common interest in the culture and traditions of Poland. They come to class in order to socialize, practise Polish language and celebrate the national holidays of Poland and Uzbekistan.

The assistance in organizing and running different events and activities is provided by volunteers who traditionally come to our organization from Poland. They give organizational and methodical support in the work of the “Polish Class” Сommunity. At the same time The Committee on Interethnic and Friendly Relations with Foreign Countries under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Friendship Society “Uzbekistan-Poland”, The Centre for the Development of Polish Education Abroad (Ośrodek Rozwoju Polskiej Edukacji za Granicą, ORPEG), The Foundation Aid to Poles in the East (Fundacja Pomoc Polakom na Wschodzie), MultiOcalenie Foundation (Fundacja „MultiOcalenie”), Association “Polish Community” (Stowarzyszenie “Wspólnota Polska”), as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Tashkent and the Polish construction company “Budmex” are taking a huge part in organizational and methodological support in the work of the “Polish Class” Сommunity.